After Gertrude Stein – 12- extrait de Ploughing a Self of One’s own – recueil en anglais inédit à ce jour.

Wishing Well (after G.Stein)

“It is not a range of a mountain

Of average “ … G. Stein


is not

a range of

a dream of average.

It’s an average dream.

A  broken  dream  as  any 

dream is when you wake up.

 Night  after  night it’s  a  mountain  

of dreams  that you pile up. You add and you

 get an average height for your dead  dreams  as any

dreams are   because the eyes are unable to play  them again. I’m not speaking about an average woe of climbing a mountain step by step never looking  back never going down the steep when hope supports you all the way up. Hope might be an agonizing dream. There are casualties in it there might be an unnatural truth in belief. Faith is a blind unwise living dream threatened by mercy. Mourners are dreamers having drifted their hands from air  to  water  this is just  what I  wish  to  say.  Just  an  average  of  unimportant nightmare.  To be broken.  And you wake up. At the top of a mountain.  An average mountain.______________________________________________Do not fall.

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